Saturday, August 1, 2015

Saturday Fun

An active day today!

Up early this morning, but not 3:00 am run-time early! A nice 64 degrees, sunny, blue skies and not as humid. Ah! I headed out on the powerlines for a mellow run. My legs actually felt fairly decent although my back was a bit sore. Took it easy and made multiple stops along the way to pick raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. The hay scented ferns smelled divine, and little frogs jumped around in the mud puddles as I passed. Got in a good 8.5 miles.

Ryan headed out for his run a while later while Irene, Dana, Sam and I headed across the street, with Sam on her bike. A good 1.5 mile walk next to Sam as she biked, stopped to eat or drink, and then stopped again to walk her bike over any and all possible bumpy sections (not sure how to convince her it would be easier/better to just keep the speed up and peddle over them!).

After lunch, we headed out to Georgetown, stopping at the Josephine Newman Sanctuary for a hike. It was sunny and in the low 80s so despite the mellow pace, there was a fair amount of sweating, not to mention the mosquitos must have all decided to gather together for a reunion out in he woods because it was darn buggy out there! But the trails wound through the meadow before entering the woods, a nice mix of singletrack and wider old road. We followed along Robinhood Cove through the woods before retracing our steps and making a loop through the forest lined with old stone walls. Despite the heat and the bugs, it is always good to get out in the woods! We got in a nice 1.6 mile hike before heading off to Five Islands for an early dinner.

Five Islands truly is a quintessential Maine spot - so gorgeous. And with the breeze by the water, it really was a beautiful evening for an outside dinner!


Anonymous said...

So Cute...the trucker hat matches her hiking outfit perfectly!


Sparkplug said...

She does like her pink ;)