Wednesday, August 26, 2015


This morning: 70 degrees; dew point 69 degrees, humidity 98%. Oh joy! Seriously, it has been incredibly muggy, humid and just plain old murky out there the past few days. I really do love all four seasons but this dose of summer humidity could pass. It's just not fun. Blech! Not to mention I'm just plain feeling tired this week, and I've even been sleeping fairly well! I'm not sure if it's coming back from vacation, the mileage from the past two weeks, the humidity or what, but on this morning's run I decided I was going to modify this week's plan (ha, as if this is a new thing!) and make this a rather major step back week instead of grinding out the miles. I see no point in running myself into the ground right now.

Yesterday I got out with Shannon for the first time in way too long and we ran the 6-mile "loop" over on the BTLT trails at 6:00 am. It was, guess what?, humid as all get out, so much so that it was misting on us and felt like we were running through a cloud. But it was great to catch up with Shannon and fun to get back on the Crystal Spring Farm trails. It's been a while since I've been over there.

This morning, I ran the cart paths. My legs felt a bit heavy and sadly there were no nature sightings along the way. I did, however, stop to enjoy a few yummy blackberries near the powerlines in the last mile. Delish!

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Jamie Anderson said...

This humidity sucks! I know it's been sapping my strenght. Thankfully we're supposed to get a break tonight.