Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Up Monday morning not quite as early as intended but still early enough to get in 8 miles out in the Cathance. Nice, cool morning and no deerflies - yah! Saw two deer, one Great Blue Heron, two goldfinch and one snowshoe hare. Felt decent but my legs were a bit tired.

Tuesday was a wash, and plus I did something to my back. How I have no idea but it was seriously tight. Some rolling and stretching helped and it didn't feel quite as stiff this morning but it was still there. Sigh. It really sucks to get old! ;) Out before first light, into the mist. Used my headlamp for the first few miles but since I was running the cart paths I didn't need to use it much past hole #2 despite the fact that it was an overcast morning. Had some good wildlife sightings today - saw two deer, three heron, one red eft and this guy. Saw him on the first lap on the cart paths and thought he might be sick, as he didn't move when I passed by and was out in the open, lying on the grass. On the second go-round, I stopped to talk to him for a bit (yes, this is when Sam would say to me, "Mama, he is a porcupine, he doesn't know English" :) ), hoping to get him moving, knowing the course would be open soon and knowing that the lady I had passed walking with her two dogs would be coming around the corner any minute and that didn't bode well for anyone. After a minute or so, he did finally get up, give me a rather grouchy look and lumber off slowly. Silly porcupine!

Stopped to eat a few blueberries and blackberries along the powerlines in the last mile. I know berry season is coming to an end and we'll be on the Cape all next week, so I don't want to miss out on the chance to enjoy it while I can :) Got in 10 miles for the morning.

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