Friday, August 14, 2015

Last Day of Y Camp

Amazing how the summer has flown by! Today was Sam's last day at Y camp. She has really loved it and has had such a great time all summer long there. There has been a lot of swimming, dirt, fun and new friends - perfect ;)

After dropping her off this morning, I headed out for the final run this summer on the Whiskeag Trail. I've really enjoyed having the opportunity to run this trail a few times the past few months. It really is a great resource with some wonderful views and nice terrain. It was warm and humid today - I was sweating like crazy even though my legs had no interest in moving along at a quick pace. It was a rather mellow meander today ;) I stopped to take in the views a few times and was treated with sightings of an immature eagle, cedar waxwing and fox along the way! Since I was shooting for 12 miles, I ran up to the overlook at Thorne Head, looped back to the parking lot and then headed back around to do the Narrows Trail. I hiked up the Stone Steps back up to the overlook and then continued my journey back along the Whiskeag. All in all, a good, if slow and sweaty, 12 miles along Whiskeag Creek to the head of the Kennebec.

Whiskeag Vista

Summer color

Head of the Kennebec

I picked Sam up and found her all dolled up as a cute little kitty ;) They had had a fun day with a talent show (with Sam and her friend doing a dance to Katy Perry's "Roar" apparently... oh my! But she had fun!) and a "carnival" with games and prizes and face painting. She had a grand old time!

Cute little kitty

We celebrated the end of a fun 7 weeks at Y camp with a stop at DQ on the way home, and are looking forward to seeing our family out on the Cape next week!

I can always find a good excuse for an ice cream :)

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