Monday, August 17, 2015

Cape Fun

There has been a lot of fun and sun and beach time here on the Cape. The girls have been having a blast and it has been fun to catch up with old friends.

We started out early on Saturday in an attempt to beat the traffic. It didn't quite work but it wasn't terrible. We stopped in Falmouth so Ryan could pick up his bun for Sunday's road race and then headed to Beebe Woods so that Ryan could run and Sam and I could do some exploring. Beautiful grounds and a neat fairy house exhibit kept us amused!

We had dinner at home then headed to the beach for a rare family photo. Gorgeous night at low tide. 

Sunday morning, Ryan got up early for the race and I headed out for a road run through the neighborhood. Hot and humid but fun to run some of the roads I used to run long ago. Still, it was the hardest six miles of the week. Not sure if it was heat, humidity, pavement or that it was the end of a sixty mile week but whew! Still it was done and then it was off to the beach ;)

Such fun!!

This morning, I headed over to Yarmouth to explore the trails at Callery-Darling conservation area. I ran out into the boardwalk at Gray's Beach and then into the trails. It was a bit of a maze and there was a lot of poison ivy but there were some nice stretches of trail near the marsh and through the pine forest. A sweaty six miles followed by sticking my feet in the ocean. Not bad! 

Then to the beach again! ;) 

Vacation is pretty nice ;)

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