Saturday, April 4, 2015

Uninspired Wander

I feel like I've had a pretty solid winter of training, despite the snow and all that went along with it. Oh, I've had a few niggles here and there, but really, overall I've felt strong and motivated and have put in some good time on my feet. Of course, that said, who knows how this will translate in two weeks at Run the Rock as it is probably going to be like 70 degrees down in NC while we are there! Aie! ;o

But anyway, that focus, the will? Well, maybe not so much today... I woke up to hear rain steadily falling on the skylights. The thermometer read 40 degrees. And since trail conditions are dismal right now, I was planning on a long road run - not my favorite. I started to second guess the idea of all that pavement, two weeks out from the race. Was it really a good idea? Maybe I should stick to the other option, and just run loops and laps up and down the Highland Green back dirt road.... After going back and forth for a bit, I decided to stick with what seemed like the safer, smarter option for today and get in at least a portion of my miles on dirt, err, mud. Of course, I realized that in doing this, I was likely going to not get in as many miles, but at this point, would a few miles matter? I have no idea, but honestly as I haven't been hitting the "training plan" mileage on many of my runs this winter anyway due to conditions, etc, I decided not to worry too much.

I headed out into the rain at 6:45 am. For the first hour, despite my layers, I was actually cold and wondering if I was going to have it in me to keep going in the rain for another 1 1/2 hours. Luckily, the skies started to clear and although the wind picked up a bit, the lack of rain was definitely positive. The run was a rather uninspired and random wander up and back and around on the Highland Green road utilizing as much of the dirt road as possible, looping down into Topsham Crossing once, getting in two "summits" on Mt. A., and finishing up the run with a Patriot Commons loop. I'd say I ended up with half and half pavement to mud.

I did have a few good bird sightings - 10 turkeys, one pileated woodpecker pecking at a telephone pole (not sure how that's going to work, buddy...), and two hairy woodpeckers, one of which I think was a juvenile, pecking away next to its parent, which was really neat. But mostly I was just running, trying not to think too much and trying not to slip too much in the mud :) Got in 15 miles in 2:23, slightly short of the intended mileage for the day, but hey, I'll just tack on a few miles to tomorrow's run and call it good :)

Followed up the run with two delicious donuts at Frosty's with Sam. Yum! Now, bring on the taper!


Anonymous said...

Hope the first race of the season is great, D!


Sparkplug said...

Thanks, Ann! Happy to see you writing your blog again :)