Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Two Days in a Row

Two days in a row with company on my runs - wow! Met up with John this morning a bit before 6:00 am to run the 6-mile cart path "loop." I was a bit overdressed, but it was raw and damp and windy out so the extra layers all seemed reasonable at the start ;) It was fun to catch up with John as we ran along the wide gravel and dirt cart paths. I'll be honest and admit that talking while running 8:30-8:50 pace felt like a bit more effort than I would have hoped for, but all told it was a nice run and a good way to start the day. Thanks, John!


And from the Samantha files:

Last night, I looked at the lunch menu and said, "It's spaghetti and meat sauce or fish sandwiches tomorrow. Why don't you try the fish sandwich? You like the fish sticks!"

In reply, Sam says, "No, let's do cold lunch, mama. I've seen the fish sandwich. It has real fish in it!"

HA! ;)

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