Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter

I don't have any photos of all of us (or even just Sam) looking all pretty on Easter. In fact, Sam stayed in her PJs for most of the day :)

First up was the Easter egg hunt, followed by a pancake breakfast. Sam found the eggs we had hidden lickety split and asked some pointed questions too... I'm sure she'll be coming around to the logical conclusion that the Easter Bunny is just one crazy fictional dude pretty quickly here.

Mid-morning I headed out for my run, once again wandering around and back and forth on the back dirt road. This time the mud was mostly frozen, although the sun was warming things up enough that I did a fair amount of slipping and sliding around in my new Flite 262s - with not much traction, they really are light road shoes, and certainly aren't meant for mud. But they are so darn bright, I wanted to get them a bit dirty :) Got in a nice, mellow 8 miles to end the week. While running the dirt road isn't bad, I really really really would like the snow to melt off the trails soon!

After a bit of lazing around, we did finally get out in the afternoon for a bike ride around the block, and Sam had some outside fun biking and doing bubbles with her friend Hayleigh. We finished up the day a fun dinner at Frontier. Yum! All in all, a lovely day together!

Sam rockin' out to some Uncle Tupelo while she works on her drawings

We're helping my friend Kris with her son's Flat Stanley Project, so Flat Gannon has been joining us on some adventures, including this afternoon's bike ride ;)

Sam loves mussels!

Yup, this kid doesn't like PB&J, but she loves the curried mussels at Frontier!!

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