Friday, April 24, 2015

Last Day in NC

It's always bittersweet, the last day of vacation. So hard to know you are headed back to reality. I got up and out early this morning for a run. It was a beautiful, clear and crisp morning, with blue sky and a cool wind blowing. I ran out to the River Lodge and along the nature trail, where I started four deer, their white tails bobbing as they jumped gracefully out into the marsh grasses, then out along the roads to the Bluffs before turning around and heading back down the main drag to the gate. From there, I took the gravel trail/old road along the berm. Scared up a Great Egret at the water's edge, and got a really nice look at a Pileated Woodpecker out in the pines. Multiple red-winged blackbirds, brown trashers and mockingbirds too. Also saw a big turtle out in the grass. Laying eggs, perhaps? Legs felt good and I was able to run at a decent pace. A good 10 miles to start the day.

We were busy the rest of the day, as we have been the whole trip. We got in a few ride in the neighbor's golf cart, which Sam loved, played some golf and gardened in the backyard, spent two hours up at the pool, made cupcakes and had a yummy dinner together. It has been a great trip! Many thanks to Neenie and Pip for having us! It has been a blast!!!

Roses in bloom out in the yard

Leftie clubs!


Clubs are a bit big, but she's doing pretty well!


This is fun!

Gardening with Neenie

Gathering up our beach treasures from Wednesday

Fun with rings in the pool

Yellow iris

Coloring fun


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