Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Alpaca Run

I've never really minded running by myself, but when John messaged me to see if I wanted to start running together on Wednesday mornings as he starts to do doubles in prep for Massanutten, I figured why not? So this morning he met me here at 5:50 and we headed across the street in the cold air, our screws clicking and clacking on the pavement. Light was rising above the horizon and we only needed our headlamps for the first mile. The snow was solid again - it was 25 degrees, after all - although things were a bit more uneven even than yesterday. Still, decent running overall. We ran out on the powerlines to see the alpacas, although they were sadly on the other side of the enclosure, so we weren't able to say hello. As we ran back, a rosy glow lit up the clouds as the sun rose over the treetops. Nice morning for 5+ miles with a friend. Thanks, John!

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