Tuesday, April 7, 2015

10-Day Forecast

The first day of vacation is finally showing in the 10-day forecast. Woohoo! Of course, it's also showing a high of 81!! I'm sure I'll be cursing out the hot weather next weekend at Run the Rock but, honestly, that sounds much better right now than the dreary weather in the forecast for Maine this week. Yes, I know April can be fickle, but man, it was snowing on this morning's run! Come on. I really want the spring that is greening grass, warm breezes and dry trails....

The trails are just too unpredictable for me right now, so I stuck with the back dirt road and got in a sloppy out-and-back this morning for 5 miles.

On the plus side, tonight our AT Conservancy magazine arrived in the mail. Sam wanted to know what AT stood for if it wasn't "at." As she and Ryan were talking again about how the trail went for GA to ME, and how we had hiked it before she was born, she got all excited and said, "Let's hike the AT!" I realize she has no idea what it entails but I say, there is hope yet :)

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