Thursday, March 12, 2015


I got out around 6:10 this morning after a fair amount of stretching and rolling of the right leg, which was thankfully feeling better. I guess a solid night of sleep with no coughing from the child to wake me up helped too! I didn't even try the powerlines after yesterday's warm temps and just headed off down the Connector right away.

There was a thin sheen of ice on the pavement, and I was glad I had worn my screwshoes for a bit of extra grip. Although the thermometer was reading 32 degrees, it sure felt colder out there this morning with the wind. It was whipping around and fairly strong on the back side of the Highland Green loop. Brrr! Also unlike yesterday morning, it seemed lighter out this morning and as always, the back of the community offered up a beautiful view of the sunrise with fluffy periwinkle clouds set against a light peach sky.

Luckily, the colder temps meant that the back dirt road had solidified enough to be hard packed again, making for easier running, although I still had to maneuver around the tire ruts and make my way around the machinery at the beginning of the road - they are doing some serious infrastructure work back there. As I ducked under some of the big machines, one of the workers sitting in his truck waiting for his shift to start rolled down his window, shook his head and said "You sure are dedicated!" I am not sure if he meant it as a compliment or that I was nuts to be out there, but I yelled back a big "Thanks!" anyway :) As I ran down the road, I saw Ryan, John and Michael's deep prints in the mud from last night, and was to be able to run a bit more easily than it looked like they had! ;)

Got in a nice windblown 5.25 miles for the morning.

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