Sunday, March 1, 2015


Today was the last snowshoe race, which meant I knew I would be better off getting my run done before Ryan left the house in the morning; otherwise there was definitely the chance it wouldn't get done, and I was determined to get it done. So, when the alarm went off at 4:30 this morning, I went downstairs, looked at the thermometer, which was reading -4 (!), sighed, and went about getting ready to run regardless.

I headed out around 5:35 am, running toward the glowing orange horizon. I know I am constantly saying this, but it truly is awesome to be out running early enough that I have the chance to watch the sky lighten and the sun rise; it truly is magical. The snow crunched beneath my feet and the cold air stung my throat. The snowmobile trail was like a highway this morning - maybe not a perfectly straight or evenly packed highway, but man, there had sure been a lot of traffic! I knew this meant it would be a good day to do the dump/Lover's Lane loop, as if there was going to be traffic on the back side of the loop through the woods it would be now.

As I meandered through the woods, the sky was turning a pale pink, the tree branches were frost covered, the birds were singing. Yes, it was -4 and my buff was completely frozen, but damn, if it just wasn't beautiful out there.

Had to do a bit of extra on the neighborhood roads to get to 7 miles for the morning, but I was determined to get to 40 miles for the week so I did what had to be done :)

Turned out to be a very good call to get in the run early, as we ended up being at the park from 10:00 until around 1:15, after which we headed to Edna & Lucy's to eat and catch up with everyone while waiting for Ryan to arrive. Just as Sam had had enough and said, "Now where the heck is Daddy?" he walked in, so we continued to hang out while he and John ate. Sabrina was nice enough to bring out a big piece of brown paper and some chalk markers for Sam to color with, so we were able to have a leisurely few hours there before heading home. A good day all around! And now that the snowshoe series is over, let the melting begin :)

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Anonymous said...

I agree it's magical to be out early enough to see the sun rise! Even if GETTING out there isn't always easy :)
And I'm still going to feel good about my early morning run in 11 degrees even though you were out there just as early when it was almost 15 degrees colder! You're just crazy :)