Thursday, March 26, 2015


After two weeks of having Sam cough and sniffle in my face, I finally succumbed to some of her germs. Darn kids! I don't feel terrible, but man, I could do without this little cold :) In any event, I didn't get up to run yesterday morning but slept better last night so managed to get up and out a little after 6:00 am this morning. Amazing what two days/nights of warm weather have done to the trails. Tuesday things were solid. This morning, things were much different. Bare patches are appearing along the gravel Mt. A. road, the snow in many spots was soft and squishy, and with all the melting, there are now big ice patches too. Several sections were still good, solid running but it was definitely variable, overall, and hard to know when to trust a footfall or not. There was even some postholing uphill (!!) as I headed back up the final hill on the way back. So, not the fastest run for sure, but still glad to be able to be out on the trails. 5 miles for the morning.

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