Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday Explorations

I had plans to meet up with Amy this morning for a walk. The wind was whipping and the temperature was hovering around 16 degrees. Ah yes, lovely weather for a walk! Ha. We laughed and said we should skip the walk and head right into the Market for coffee and a bagel, but instead I got into her car and we headed off the country roads into New Gloucester toward Norumbega Farm, where she wanted to show me a trail through the woods maintained on the property. The start was promising with a fairly packed trail, a yurt and a middle of the woods shrine to the property owners parents (kind of creepy, but neat). And then suddenly the trail petered out into nothingness and we were left floundering and postholing into the deep snow. We could see cairns below in the woods, but it appeared no one had actually followed the whole loop, so we turned around and headed back to the car so we could go get that coffee and bagel! I think we got in a whole 0.7 miles :) Hey, at least we tried, right? ;) In any event, always fun to have a chance to catch up with Amy in person, and to find a new trail to explore!

Back at home, we had a mellow day in the hopes of helping Sam shake the cough she has, and besides, it really wasn't an outside day. I really am done with this cold! Come on spring!!!

Shortly after lunch, I suited up and drove over to the Cathance for a short run on the trails. Despite the cold temps and wind, the sun was quite warm, as was evidenced by the soft, sun-pocked snow in the clearings. The little snow we received last night lent a tacky texture to the trail but it was still fairly slow going, and I took a few good slips off the narrow band of packed snow along the way. Luckily, even if slow, my legs felt a thousand times better than yesterday so that was positive. Got in a nice 4 mile loop.

John joined us for dinner and game time with Sam, so all in all a lovely Sunday!

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