Friday, March 13, 2015

Early Morning Snowmobile Trail Wander

Decided to not stick to the training plan written on the calendar (not sure that's really new...) and take a step back week this week. I figure there is no sense grinding myself into the ground at this point, and although the lower right leg feels so much better after some serious stretching and rolling, I'm trying to be smart. Given the change, I figured it made sense to run "long" this morning, as we're headed down to MA tomorrow for the weekend after Sam's swimming lessons. Thankfully, it got fairly cold last night so I was able to head out on the snowmobile trails with no issue. Phew! I really don't want to be stuck on the road or in posthole hell quite yet :)

I headed out a few minutes before 6:00 with the dark sky above. It appeared the trail had been rolled, so it was pretty solid and it was pretty easy to avoid the postholes. In numerous spots a snowmobile had been out, churning up the trail, making lovely big icy death cookies just to keep me off balance, but really it was pretty good running. I had a vague plan in mind of doing the dump loop, but did a bit of wandering off onto side trails, etc to tack on some additional mileage. Overall, I felt good and it was a beautiful morning to be out for a 10 mile wander. Not too cold, not windy, with a pretty sunrise viewing through the trees out on the lollypop loop by the dump ponds.

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