Sunday, March 29, 2015

Random Sunday Wander

In our attempt to juggle our runs, and be able to spend at least a portion of the day all together, it was agreed upon that I would get up early to run on the roads around home and then Ryan would head over to the Brad at 9:30 am, meeting up with John there for his 10 miles.

I didn't sleep much last night, a combination of that ridiculous thing that is my typical post-long run non-sleep and the fact that Sam woke me up twice, once because she had somehow rolled out out of bed onto the floor, ending up about 3 feet away on her rug, and once because she had to go to the bathroom. Between the tiredness and the creakiness, I wasn't exactly feeling rosy when I headed out at 6:30. But at least it was light out!

I ran down the Connector onto Highland Green Road. Along the back dirt road, I stopped for a minute to watch a Pileated Woodpecker high up in a dead tree and further along was treated to a sighting of a beautiful mink gracefully leaping across the road. So cool! There was also much birdsong in the air with many cardinals singing high up in the bare trees.

I ran down to Tedford and looped through the Topsham Crossing neighborhood before tracing my route back along Highland Green Road. When I got to the junction with the powerlines, I thought I'd risk it and run the 1/2 mile back to the high school road rather than take the Connector back. I actually think I could have run on the snowmobile trails without much trouble this morning, but oh well, as I didn't sink in at all. I took the long way around, running Canam on the return home and finished up with 9.5 miles. A solid weekend for me, and a good week with 46 miles total.

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