Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Midweek Running

Got out yesterday morning at 6:00 am for a nice loop along the snowmobile trails out onto Lover's Lane toward the dump. Conditions were pretty solid and it was nice to be able to move along at a decent winter clip :) The back side of the loop hadn't been touched by snowmobiles after the few inches of snow we received Sunday night but there had been a snowshoer and a few fat bikes out there, so it packed down slightly at least. Once again, another beautiful morning to be out, but no pictures this time :) Ended up with 6.7 miles for the day.

More snow last night. I haven't slept well the past few nights, so I wasn't feeling very energetic, which essentially meant I wasn't feeling mentally prepared to trudge along on my snowshoes :) So once again I put on my screwshoes and headed across the street. The snowmobile trails were a bit too soft due to the 3" of new snow and the warmer temps, so I turned off and did an out and back on Highland Green Road instead. The road had been plowed although not super well, but it was enough to enable me to be able to tick off two miles in the low 9s and one at 8:45 pace. Hey, that's pretty good for me in sloppy winter screwshoe conditions so I'll take it :) It was so "warm" (32 degrees) that I only wore one pair of tights and a light top underneath my jacket! Woohoo. First time that has happened in a long while!

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