Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tuesday Fun

Sam and I were off from work and school today, but Ryan had to work so I was up at my regular early hour and out the door a few minutes past 6:00 am. Although the sky was lightening, there was really no sunrise to see, as there was a thick fog hugging the treeline. I ran the cart paths in reverse and tried to keep the pace easy. Saw one deer gracefully jumping through the brush at the edge of the green on hole #8 and then a hawk - probably a red tail - set up on a tree between holes #1 and #2, but that was about it. Got home to find out that Sam was already awake. And on a day when she could have slept! What do you bet I have to wake her up tomorrow though?!

We hung out for the morning and then headed to Falmouth to meet Ryan for lunch at Ricetta's. Sam got her money's worth (or ours :) ) at the buffet, eating a fair amount of pizza and cannolis before Ryan headed back to work and she and I headed to Mackworth Island. Although temps were fairly warm, the wind was still chilly and the sun was mostly hidden behind a thick band of clouds. Always lovely there though, and fun to be able to play on the beach in November!

We didn't end up walking around the island as I had hoped as Sam spotted a few kids playing on the playground behind the school and wanted to join in on the fun :) But it was a fun afternoon, nonetheless!

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