Wednesday, November 5, 2014


While this really is a running and Sammy blog, I can't help but express how disappointed I am in Maine voters for reelecting LePage for governor. Four more years of this crap!? How depressing. And across the country, Republicans winning left and right. What are people thinking? On days like this, I seriously wonder about the intelligence of my fellow Americans. OK, political rant done...

Up and out this morning for some hill repeats. I was feeling low on energy, and ready to throw in the towel after 2 repeats when a drizzly rain began to fall. Blah. But that just seemed a little bit too wimpy, even for me, so I convinced myself that 3 more sets really couldn't be that bad. Somehow saying 3 sets instead of 6 more loops seemed a bit more manageable. I mean, hey, whatever works. It's all about tricking myself into keeping going out there, apparently :)

And for a bit of levity... Last night's conversation with Sam...

Sam, as she is getting her clothes out for school: Mom, do you know where my camouflage undies are?

Me: You mean the leopard print ones? (Yes, she does have pink and black leopard print undies. They are from a set she got from Carter's. Don't even get me started.)

Sam, pointing at the pile of turquoise clothes on the floor: No, you know, the ones that match this outfit exactly. The camouflage ones.

So, yup, this morning she is headed off to school dressed in solid turquoise, right down to her socks and undies. Gotta love this girl :)

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