Saturday, November 15, 2014

Saturday Fun

Up early this morning and out into the cold. Brrr! Got in 6 miles on the Snowplug Loop but that was about all I had in me. The long run will have to wait until tomorrow. But that's OK, this way I got to spend the whole day with the family, and sometimes that is just what is needed.

Sam had swim lessons this morning - she and one of the other kids did a few laps in the big pool without their bubbles as part of their lesson, which is exciting! They used noodles and had some help, but she did great. She really is getting much stronger. They even had them jumping off the diving platforms they use for the swim meets! Impressive. After swimming, we dropped Ryan off at home for his run and Sam and I headed to the Brunswick Winter Market for a few goodies and some music. Always a good place to spend part of the morning.

After lunch, we drove over to Wolfe's Neck to take a hike. It was a gorgeous afternoon - crisp and clear - and we had a great time on the trails and beaches together. Sam was in an excellent mood, and her stamina, strength and coordination seems to have really improved even in just the past few months. She only lagged once in the hour and a half we were out there, and that was easily solved by a few gummy worms :) We hiked a big 1.5 mile loop in the park, stopping at all the beaches for exploring, shell collecting, rock climbing and enjoying the warm sun. It was the perfect place to spend a late fall afternoon outside!

November light

We found a number of horseshoe crab shells, almost all intact!

Navigating the rocks

Cool rock pattern

Great Blue Heron in the tidal river

November at Wolfe's Neck

Horseshoe crab

Tiny forest


Happy girl!

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