Sunday, November 30, 2014

Out Walkin'

Met up with Amy this morning for a winter wonderland walk at Bradbury. Despite the snow, it was fairly warm out with overcast skies. We headed out on the Snowmobile Trail, ducking under bent branches heavy with snow and skirting little ponds of slush, but mostly just walking and talking. We did stop to enjoy a Pileated Woodpecker calling and flying overhead - always a good sighting! Lots of prints in the snow too. Also had an Andy sighting, cruising fast as only he can, without screwshoes even! We got in 3.8 miles in a little over an hour and half, and then went to warm up our wet feet at Edna & Lucy's over coffee and cookies :) Always good to catch up, Amy! Thanks for the walk!

Later in the afternoon, Sam, Ryan and I got out for a short walk through the snow around the woods out back, ending with a few good rolls down the sledding hill. Nothing like a roll in the wet snow ;) Literally! We got soaked but it was fun!

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