Saturday, November 29, 2014

Swim and Ski

Sam's gym teacher told them they should get outside and be active every day over the Thanksgiving break. So far we've managed to stick to the "homework" - a bike ride on Tuesday before we headed south, a short walk in the snow on Wednesday with me, snow tromping, snowman making and snowbale jumping on Thursday, a walk in the woods with both of us yesterday, and then a two-fer for today :)

This morning, I took her to swimming and after lunch we actually got out on our xc skis! This has to be the earliest we've been able to do so in years, probably since we lived in North Conway. The fields around Mt. Ararat had been groomed, so we headed over there around 1:00. The snow was perfect, the sky was blue, there was no wind, and it is apparent that Sam has gotten so much stronger since the last time we had her out on skis! She did a great job skiing around the 0.75 mile loop, with a few hill repeats in the midst as we were working on going up and down hills. She is great on the uphills but kept falling on the downhills. Oh well, she had fun and it was nice to be out on our skis with her!


Anonymous said...

I love that Sam's teacher encourages the kids to be active!
And I am SO jealous that you went cross-country skiing :)

Sparkplug said...

Yes, it is awesome. And even better, Sam really likes to follow the rules, so a few days she was like, "we still need to get outside." :)

Snow is melting as I type, but it was a fun afternoon on our skis!