Friday, November 7, 2014

Sick Day

Wednesday night, Sam coughed through the night and neither of us slept much. I knew she was exhausted when she woke up, but we gave her her inhaler in the hopes of opening up her airways and after some food, she seemed much better, so I send her into school with my fingers crossed, hoping for the best. Well, that lasted until 2:00 pm when I got a call from the nurse that Sam seemed to be having trouble breathing and I should come get her. She was quite peaked when I got there, and apparently had had a big coughing attack in class and even with the inhaler was still breathing shallowly and seemed a bit distressed. I called the doctor, and we were able to go right in. Of course, by the time we finally saw the doctor, Sam seemed to have finally responded to the inhaler and was a bit more herself. Her lungs were clear and her oxygen saturation levels were high, so that was good. The doctor gave us a prescription of prednisilone to reduce the inflammation in her lungs and sent us on our way with a follow-up appointment in a few weeks to check on things. Luckily, the prednisilone really seemed to work, and there was much less coughing during the evening. Add in a dose of cold medicine and she actually got a really good sleep last night. Hurray. Still, we wanted to give her more of a chance to rest, so I stayed home with her today. And with that, well, there went the chance for a long run.

OK, I'll be honest. Initially I had thought I might be able to get up and out at 5:00 am and get in 3 1/2 hours or so (Ryan has jury duty today (hurray) so didn't have to leave the house until 8:45), but that didn't happen, surprisingly ;) So instead I was up and out at the more leisurely hour of 6:30 for a nice 10 miles along the cart paths and on a big loop in the Cathance. The singletrack was a bit slick from all the rain, but the upshot was that the river was flowing well, which is always a lovely sight. It was a quiet morning out in the woods - no spectacular sunrise, no animal sightings - just me and the trails. Felt good and was happy to get in 10 miles to start the day.

As for Sam, well, she slept until I got out of the shower right around 8:45 am, and then after a bit of coloring and TV watching, she decided it was high time she did some organizing. She organized her paper drawer, her art center, her marker bin, her stickers, her headbands, the piles on the coffee table. She got rid of a bunch of stuff and organized the rest. As she said, "sometimes all this stuff just drives me batty." Really, sometimes she is so much my child, it is downright scary. But I gotta admit, I do love that she likes to keep things neat and tidy :)

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Anonymous said...

If just one of my 3 would organize something one time ... I'd cry with joy! Sam's pretty fabulous!