Friday, November 28, 2014


Everyone, well except me, slept in this morning. And since I had told Sam I'd be there to get her out of bed the morning, I didn't head out for my run until around 10:00 - she slept until 8:45!!! I wandered out under moody, overcast skies, my route taking my through and along the edge of some of the Newburyport marshes. The expanse of golden cattails and marsh grasses against the greyish sky and the snow-covered trees was very pretty in a subtle way.

Moody morning marsh

I got in a nice, fairly snappy 10 road miles and got home in time to eat leftovers for lunch :) Yum!

Later in the afternoon while Gavin was napping, Sam, Ryan and I headed out into the woods to tromp around. We crunched along through the pine trees and bushes, following deer trails and the edge of the swamp out in the conservation property beyond, for a nice snowy nature walk.

Tromping through the woods


Snow pattern

Leading the way

Indian pipe

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