Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Time Change

The transition is always rough. Having it be dark when I leave work and go pick Sam up at the end of the day, well, I could do without that, but I do love the extra light in the morning. This morning I headed out at 5:50 am, and was surprised to realize I didn't need to be wearing the headlamp I had put atop my head! Hurray. The rocks on the downhill along the powerlines were slick with a thin sheen of ice, and the shadowed portion of the trail was an interesting texture - 2" of snow atop hoar-frosted sand, so the first mile was a bit slow despite not needing my light. The rest of the run went a bit more smoothly, although I was surprised by the many patches of ice I found along the cart paths. Still, always easy to maneuver around. A few people had been out around the first few holes with their skis, leaving behind green patterns amongst the now thinning layer of white. All through the run, the sky was gorgeous. I loved watching it change and shift, from a solid golden hue right along the horizon to the a pinkish haze lighting up the clouds to the soft glow that hit the tops of the oak trees at the end of the run. Got in a lovely hour-long run before heading home.

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