Monday, October 14, 2013

Morning Run at Pineland

I snuck out of the house a little before 7am - all was quiet. As I headed down the highway toward Freeport, the sun was rising above the trees, the soft morning light hitting the brilliant fall foliage. Beautiful. I laughed when I turned into the parking lot by the pond and saw Amy's car already there. We weren't slated to meet until 7:45, but there we were, both early :-)

We headed out onto the campus loop and down into the fields. I don't think I've run in that direction at Pineland in forever, and honestly, on a fall morning, with a friend by my side, dew on the grass, the trees lining the fields full of yellow, orange and red leaves, I wondered why. It really is lovely out there, well, at least when you're not trying to race through the fields under the heat of the sun on Memorial Day weekend :-) Ha. We chatted away as we ran along, catching up on a month worth of stories and chit chat. I spotted two deer bounding across the trail as we crested the hill near the yurt but otherwise the trails were quiet.

We got in a nice, mellow 6 miles before heading home to hang out with our respective families on an extra stay at home day, as Sam likes to call our days at home. I arrived home to find pancakes ready to eat - yum! It was a great way to start the day, and always fun to catch up with a friend. Thanks, Amy!

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