Thursday, October 10, 2013

14 Years

14 years ago today, Ryan and I were married right here in Brunswick, at the Bowdoin chapel. When I look at our wedding photos from that day, we look so young! And I guess we were ;) Now that we have Sam, our anniversary is a bit overshadowed by Sam's birthday, as she arrived to join our family one day before our 10th anniversary back in 2009. But that doesn't mean, I've forgotten the day I married my best friend, running and hiking cohort and the guy who can always make me laugh. Happy Anniversary, Ryan! May we have many more years of fun, running, hiking and laughter together!

I started out the day with a run down to the river. Man, it is hard to see on the trails in the dark, even with a headlamp :-) The sky was still deep black when I headed out before 6:00 am, but as I came out onto Mountain Road, I could see the sky beginning to turn a deep orange along the treeline. Making my way along the Heath was tricky, but I made it down to the river without tripping or falling or running into anything out in the woods :-) The plan was to get to the river, and then run the first few miles of the Snowplug 50k course in reverse so as to pick up the flags. They weren't easy to see in the semi-darkness though! By the time I ran along the Quarry on the return trip, the sky was filled with orange and pinks - a beautiful sunrise. Got in a nice 5.4 miles.

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