Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Yesterday afternoon, we headed home from NC. We had a fairly leisurely morning, getting organized, spending some time in the garden, going on a final golf cart ride, etc. I got out for a 5.5 mile run on the cart paths and roads - I was planning to run the whole 6.25 route along the paths, but it turns out they were playing some sort of scramble tournament out on the course, so while I thought it'd be closed, it wasn't! Oops. At least I know my way around and was able to hop off the course and take the roads back :-) I was surprised to find that my legs felt pretty good - after 6/26.2/8 over the past days, I wasn't too sure. But my mind, well, it felt kind of tired.

And after traveling yesterday afternoon and getting home late, I felt even more tired. In fact, I believe I said I felt like a frazzled, fuzzy headed, sleepy chicken with my head cut off this morning :-) Always a bit of a jolt to come back to reality, especially when you get home at 10pm, don't get unpacked, don't have any food in the house and have to get the child to daycare and get yourself to work on time the next morning. Aie! In fact, I really should head to bed so I can spend tomorrow feeling a bit more alive!

But first, the final few vacation photos :-)

Happy girlie

Last ride on the golf cart for this vacation :-)

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