Sunday, August 4, 2013

Wolfes Neck Weekend

Yesterday morning, Ryan ran the Beach to Beacon. Although I know he had hoped for a better showing at the race, finishing in under 41 minutes and coming in something like 323rd out 6,000 sounds pretty good to me :-)  Bob graciously helped him out with the logistics of getting to and from the start/finish lines, so despite 6,000 people running the race, Ryan was able to get home around 11:00 am, and we were able to fairly seamlessly get the car packed up and head over to Wolfes Neck for our overnight camping trip. After a rainy and overcast morning, we were treated with beautiful weather for the rest of the trip!

August afternoon

Sam exploring

Blue skies and fluffy white clouds above

Late afternoon on the farm

Does an August afternoon get any better than this? Beautiful blue skies, fluffy white clouds, a rocky beach and a visit to watch the oreo cows with my two favorite people. We sure are lucky.

Of course, luck did us no good at bedtime, and Sam didn't fall asleep until around 9:45. *Sigh* This meant morning came too soon, and we were all awake before 7am - the downfall of sleeping in a tent in the summer when the sun sets late and rises early :-) But that was OK as I needed to be up anyway - Amy was meeting me for an 8am run on the roads and trails around Wolfes Neck. While we ran, wandering the dirt roads and the trails out behind the farm and in the park and chatting away for 10 miles, the guys and the kids had fun down at the beach after a breakfast of pancakes and donuts. 

Sam and Will having fun in the water


Sometimes fitting it all in can be hard, but when I look back at photos like these, it sure makes me think we're doing all right ;-)

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