Sunday, August 18, 2013

Not Quite

Another night of not sleeping. Poor Sam was all stuffed up last night and we all suffered. I was stuffy too. Silly allergies. But I was up early anyway and was downstairs eating breakfast so Ryan and I could head out for our long run on the Willowdale trails when the phone rang at 6:30. I saw that it was Chris, and knew! The baby was on the way! I picked up and indeed, they were at the hospital. Meg's water had broken but she wasn't very dilated. I talked with Irene and Dana, who were so excited - they would quickly get ready and head down south. So I knew our run was kaput. I was excited for them, but bummed for us. Oh well. But then, it appeared that Dana wasn't doing well. He was all dizzy. And then suddenly sick. He went back to bed. Maybe they weren't leaving after all. Regardless, the run still wasn't happening, so Ryan and I both went back to bed too. I was tired. Sam woke up around 8:30 and we all came downstairs. Dana still wasn't feeling well. I had sort of lost my desire to run. It wasn't going to be at Willowdale. It wasn't going to be with Ryan. Bah. I figured I'd just make this weekend my back-down week and so headed out for 8 miles on the roads. Ran 8:30s, and tried to convince myself that two back-to-back days of road 8:30s had to be good for something. But it wasn't a long run.

Ryan made it known he still wanted to get in a long run and he didn't want to run roads, so he headed off to Willowdale himself. Bah again. I was feeling down. And I was feeling badly for Irene and Dana, who so wanted to be at the hospital for their newest grandchild's birth. But it wasn't happening. Meghan was progressing quickly, and Dana was not. Sam's newest cousin, a baby boy, arrived sometime around 1:00 pm. No name yet, but he looks cute, at least in that newborn kind of way!

So not quite what we had wanted, but you get what you get, and you don't (or you try not to) throw a fit. Congrats Meg and Chris! Welcome to the crazy world of being a parent! And welcome to the world little baby boy! Looking forward to learning your name and seeing you soon! And in the meantime, hopefully I'll be getting some of my scheduled long runs in :-)

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