Friday, August 23, 2013


Just a quick post before I head over to Sam's daycare for the end of the summer party, which includes a big bounce house in the backyard. Sam has been talking about the bounce house for days. I think she is just a bit excited :-) I love that my job is flexible enough that I can take a summer Friday off. I am lucky, indeed.

Dropped Sam off this morning, ran a few errands and then headed over to Bowdoin to run in the Commons. Although the air was warm, the breeze was lovely and it was a beautiful morning to take a wander through the woods. Had hoped for a few more miles, but ended up with 6. I could have pushed for more, but it just felt silly to do so. I'm still recovering from the sinus infection and while I feel so much better, I still feel a bit tired. This week is a lost cause in terms of mileage anyway, so a few miles isn't really going to make the log book look much better :-) I'm just hoping I have enough energy to get through a good long run with Ryan on Sunday. We're headed up for an overnight in Bar Harbor tomorrow night (thanks to Mom and Dad for watching Sam for us!), and Ryan has been scheming a big loop through the park for us. Looking forward to it!

And now it's off to the party :-)

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