Sunday, April 10, 2011


Sam's word of the day is "mess." {Actually, today she has two new words, but the other is "elbow," which isn't really pertinent in this tale. :-)} And indeed, today's run was a bit messy. I headed out once Sam went down for her nap, right at 12:00. It's a beautiful spring day, bright and sunny and 60. Hurray! It's also a bit windy out there, but what else is new? Seems to be windy all the time, these days. My plan was to run our winter 7-mile snowmobile trail/dump loop, see how I felt, and add on if I had more energy. Turns out I didn't. The trails were tough going. There were sinkholes in the mud, the sand, the snow, and there were stretches of slushy snow and ice that could have used screw shoes. I slipped and slip, and postholed and sunk and lurched, and in general used up a lot of energy just trying to keep upright, and drag around my wet, mud-laden shoes :-) (Valerie and Mindy, I can't believe you ran 24 and 14 miles, respectively, on the trails yesterday. My 7 about did me in. You two are awesome!) I ended up just running the 7 mile loop, and was happy to look down at the Garmin at the end and realize I had (just barely) finished at under 10:00 pace. I had hoped to have more "umph" in my step and get in some more miles, but ah well. I can't complain, as my sick and injured, and increasingly cranky, husband, would kill to be out running on a day like today, and is instead stuck inside on the couch. So, I will be happy with my miles and my hour+ on the trails. Here's to more melting and more drying on the trails soon!!


vja said...

You give us too much credit. We mixed the trails with road to give us all the miles. It was interesting running, though!

While, I'm commenting, I loved the 18 month update. Hope to see Sam soon to see all the progress for myself : )

I hope Ryan's plague resolves quickly; Cracked ribs are bad enough.

Sparkplug said...

Well, I feel a bit better having read that you mostly were on the dirt roads, but regardless, you guys are still awesome :-)

Hope to see you soon!