Sunday, August 15, 2010

Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Evening

Friday started out so well, but went downhill shortly thereafter. By 11am, I was feeling a bit off. Feverish, light-headed and with an unsettled stomach. By 1:30, Cordelia sent me home, telling me I looked terrible. Well, I certainly felt terrible, so I headed home to take a nap. I didn't manage to sleep much, but rested for a while before doing a few things around the house in preparation for being home alone with Sam for the evening. I then hopped in the car to pick Sam up from daycare. I still didn't feel great, but didn't have much choice in the matter. Ryan was away, and Sam certainly wasn't going to spend the weekend at daycare, no matter how yucky I felt! I put on a pretty good show for the rest of the evening, until right around 6pm. Sam was starting to get tired, and so we were sitting on the couch, Sam on my lap. All of the sudden I just knew I was about to throw up. I started to stand up so that I could move Sam to her mat. Nope. No time for that. Round #1 ensued. I quickly moved to get Sam away from me, but ended up throwing up again, twice, right next to her. It got everywhere, but thankfully missed her. No matter, she started to scream and cry. I was in a panic. I had just thrown up everywhere, I felt terrible, my child was screaming and I didn't know what to do next. I picked her up and moved her, and tried to clean things up. But it was just too much. I called Ryan, and luckily he answered, even though he was in the middle of a beautiful 12 mile mountain run over in New Hampshire. I was pretty hysterical, and so was Sam. He tried to get me to calm down, and told me to put her in the highchair with some Cheerios so I could catch my breath and get it together. In the end, she just wouldn't stop crying, so I just left the mess and took her upstairs for bathtime. Luckily, she loves the water, and I was able to pull it together enough to act happy and play with her to calm her down. She fell asleep as I was nursing her, and I was able to put her right down without any fuss. Then it was downstairs to clean up my mess.

OK, so that might have been too much information, but let me tell you, it was a pretty horrible evening, and I recommend never throwing up 6 inches from your 10 month old child. I hate throwing up in the first place, but that made it 10 times worse. I spent a long while cleaning and disinfecting everything, made an effort to eat a little something and finally collapsed into bed before 9pm. Not exactly an ideal evening!

Luckily, my violent 2 minutes of throwing up Friday evening were all I had to endure, and although pretty wiped out from that, and not sleeping during the night, I woke up feeling drained, but better, on Saturday. Unfortunately, Ryan seemed to have contracted something similar, although with no puking. As Ryan says, "the petri dish strikes again!" (as Ryan affectionately calls Sam :-) ) Gotta love a daycare child!

With none of us feeling great - Sam appears to be teething (or she's drooling and fussing as if she is, anyway!) - Saturday was pretty mellow and we didn't do much of anything. I did get out for a short walk with Sam in the afternoon, as she simply needed a change of scenery towards the end of the day. I felt infinitely better this morning, so after I put Sam down for her nap, I thought I'd go out for a run. I went out onto the powerlines, with the hope that I might feel good enough to run 5 miles, but after a 1/2 mile, it was obvious I was still a bit wiped out from the bug, so I simply did a slow 3 miles instead. Given the past few days, it was just good to be out!


mindy said...

Oh. No. I am the same way about throwing up. I would have been in a panic as well. I'm glad it all worked out, but sorry you had to go through that!!! Please also know you can always call me if you ever need anything when Ryan's away - I'm not far and can usually just hop in the car and be there. Take it easy and I hope everyone is back to 100% soon!

Sparkplug said...

Thanks Mindy! I appreciate it! I don't think I would have wished my Friday night show on anyone, but it's nice to know I have such good friends out there :-)
And on a better note, you're done with work! Hurray!!! Enjoy the next few weeks and hope to catch up with you soon :-)