Saturday, February 28, 2009

Trail Monster Fat Ass

We awoke this morning to the sound of freezing rain pelting down on the skylights. Snowman was none too happy. This morning was the Trail Monsters Fat Ass race/run, starting at Chuck's house. Despite the weather, we had already said we would be there, and we didn't want to be the wimps of the group, so off we went.

There was a good crew assembled - Ian, Emma, Jamie, Stephen, Jim, Mindy, Dora, Floyd, George, Blaine, Dave, Matt, Alan and Chuck. Katy, her mom, Brooke the dog and all their cats were manning the aid station (their house) for the race, which was very nice! The route took us out onto some snowmobile trails and into the trail system at Hedgehog Mountain in a 5 mile loop. Everyone ran varying distances, with Ian, Floyd and Alan completing the full 50k, and Stephen running 13 miles to the race and finishing off a few laps to get 50k as well. Way to go guys!

Despite the early morning weather conditions, the day turned into a nice one with bright blue skies.

We headed out in one big group for the first loop, as we wound through the field and woods. The fields had some nice big puddles along the snowmobile trail, so on the way back, we took a "short cut" on the opposite side of the field. Not so much! There was much postholing, cursing and laughter.

Despite that one stretch, conditions were better than I had originally expected, and the trails around Hedgehog Mountain were really nice. Not to mention adding a good hill climb in the middle of the loop. Needless, to say the overall pace wasn't quick, but it was fine for the conditions.

After the first loop, the group split up a bit and I headed out with Matt, Dora and Mindy at the back of the pack for the second time around. We had fun chatting along the way. I really wanted to do a third loop, but figured it would be wiser to take it easy and not push it with my back. Although I have to say, it felt so much better after the 10 miles than before, and seems to now be feeling pretty normal.

Snowman, Mindy and Dora did a third loop, and upon their return, we enjoyed sitting in the sun in Chuck and Katy's house, eating donuts, cookies, Pringles, soup and chatting as people came in and out on additional loops. It was a fun time, and a good run!

More photos of the day here.

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