Sunday, October 23, 2016

Well, 6+6=12, Right?

About that 12 mile run... it never materialized, unless you want to add the two 6 mile runs I had over the weekend together and count it ;) Saturday morning dawned rainy and dreary and honestly, I just didn't want to run 12 miles. So I didn't. This morning was about 20 degrees colder and windy and still dreary. Hmmm, not happening today either. But that's OK. Just a bit more of a recovery week than I had anticipated/hoped for, which I suppose is fine as when I look at my Strava log I see I haven't had a week in the 20s since the week of VT 100.

Got in a misty, foggy, sticky, soggy, warm 6 miles out on Highland Green Road yesterday before taking Sam to swim lessons. Then later in the day, she headed off to a movie, dinner and sleepover with her best little friend Anne to celebrate Anne's birthday, and Ryan and I headed off to dinner followed up by fun at Mindy and Pete's fall party. It was fun to catch up with everyone, and a good evening for sure!

I had already had a drink at dinner, but I couldn't resist a Dell's ;)

This morning, I ran down along the river. Oh, what a difference a few days and more than a few inches of rain make make! It was a six mile, four deer, high water, cold wind, leaf covered sort of morning.

Roaring Cathance

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