Sunday, October 9, 2016

Birthday Weekend Fun

After making birthday cupcakes, soup for dinner and getting some yummy local goodness at the farmer's market, Friday's fun continued when Sam, Mom, Dad and I headed up to Thorne Head for an afternoon hike. A lovely 1.8 mile ramble, picking up leaves, enjoying the Kennebec River views, the trails and time outside together on a beautiful day.

Glorious colors

Picking up leaves

Out exploring

The Kennebec

Trail along the river's edge

Climbing the Stone Steps

Purple shroom!

Partridge berry

Love the veins

Love this kid :)

Along the river


Cute kid :)

We stopped to encourage this gorgeous milk snake across the road

Beautiful foliage

Saturday,  Mom and Dad nicely took Sam up to her morning swim lessons so that Ryan and I could get out for a run together. They were excited to have a chance to watch her swim and we were excited to get out on the trails together. A win win. Thanks Mom and Dad! We got in a lovely 8.5 mile wander out through the Commons and Coleman Farm.

Date run down to the ocean

The afternoon was spent at Sam's crafting birthday party at JoAnn's, watching 7 little girls giggle and create bracelets, decorate cupcake boxes and the cupcakes to put inside, and make a sticky mess ;) Many thanks to Mom and Irene for capturing some photos from the day!


Cupcake box decorating
Finished boxes


Cake time!

Happy Birthday, Sam!

Blowing out the candle

Time for presents!

 It was a fun day and we were happy to spend it with family and friends!

This morning dawned dreary and rainy, but there was much excitement in the house, as today was Sam's real birthday day. Hard to believe this little kiddo is now 7 years old. Crazy! Time really does fly. Happy birthday, Sammy girl, we love you to the moon and back!

The day was filled with crafts and other fun. Sam got some really cool gifts this year that were put to good use on a rainy inside day!

Painting on her new canvases

Testing out the boogie board!

Making an "extendo flower" with her Craft-Struction Box

All wrapped up ;)

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