Friday, October 28, 2016


Tuesday morning I got up and ran along the cart paths. My back had been tight starting after my run on Sunday, so I was a bit unsure how it would feel but thankfully it didn't bother me while running and in fact, the movement seemed to loosen things up. It was a nice morning to run 6 miles, cool and crisp - tights and hoodie weather - and with a nice glowing pink band of light rising along the horizon as the sun rose.

When I picked Sam up in the afternoon, we put on our hats and gloves and went for a short walk on the Mt. Ararat trails. Although she is often reticent to get out on walks like this, she almost always ends up saying it was fun and that she was glad we got out. Much like the rest of us, I suppose :) Gorgeous light, and a nice woodsy walk with my little love on a late autumn afternoon.

Late autumn woods

Wednesday, I once again failed to get up when my alarm sounded at 4:00 am. I didn't mind getting up at that time in the summer, as I knew it would essentially be light when I headed out the door around 5:00 but there is something about this time of year and the lateness of the morning light that makes Wednesday mornings hard for me. I settled for a 5:00 pm 0.4 mile walk around the block with Sam instead ;)

Thursday morning dawned cold and dark, and I hit the cart paths once again for another 6 miles. They are a safe, easy place to get in some pre-dawn miles at this time of year when the woods are extra dark and the trails, which are hard enough to navigate with a headlamp, can be downright treacherous now that the rocks and roots are leaf-covered. Much to ponder this morning. I'm not convinced we can outrun our problems, but an hour of running sure can do wonders to help soothe stress and worries.

Sunrise, moonset

Color on the horizon

The rain came in late on Thursday, falling through night and with no abatement in sight come mid-morning. Ryan, rightly so, thought I was rather foolish for heading out for a run, but he can skip it today as he's in taper mode. I've got 5 weeks to go until Fells, so miles are needed ;) That being said, it was certainly not a day for a long run, so I am thankful I can save those miles for tomorrow. Around 10:30, I suited up in tights, gloves, hat, rain coat and warm shirt and headed out into the Cathance for somewhere between 5 and 8 miles. Thankfully, once I got moving, I felt nice and warm, and although it most certainly was rainy, blustery, slippery and wet out there, it wasn't too bad in the woods where I was protected from the wind. The river is running quite high and there trails were laden with wet leaves and puddles, but what's a bit of rain and wind, after all? ;) Ha. I can only say that since after an hour+, I got to come home and hop right in the shower!! Ended up running my typical 7 mile loop out there, which felt just right in terms of time and distance on a day like today.

Just a wee bit of water out there today ;)

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