Saturday, October 29, 2016

Pretty Pineland

It's opening day for deer hunting for Maine residents today, so in order to avoid getting shot (always a plus!) I headed over to Pineland this morning for my run. The sky was still dark as I drove over, but as I turned the corner at the edge of the farm, the sky was lighting up with ribbons of pink, a light mist over the fields. Very pretty.

I ran out onto Oak Hill, the sun rising through the trees, the trails leaf covered but not wet, despite yesterday's rains. That's good drainage, for sure! I was hoping to go long this morning but my body was just not having any of it. My stomach was wonky and I was just feeling off. I ran to the end of Oak Hill and decided I'd turn around and do a reverse loop before calling it good and trying again tomorrow ;) Thank goodness tomorrow is always another chance to get it right! As if to solidify my choice, a cold rain began to fall from the sky. Sold. Home to more coffee and hanging out with the family it was! Despite not feeling how I'd hoped I would, I got in a nice early 8 miles for the day on the quiet trails.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics, D! We were out before dawn and the hunters were already out and about! Stay safe!

P.S. Wonky stomachs stink!