Friday, October 21, 2016

Leafy, Foggy, Rainy Goodness

I'll got ahead and say up front that I had a longer run planned for this morning, but I think my brain is still a bit tired from Sunday and so the thought of running in the rain for 2+ hours just didn't sound like what I wanted to do. So, I figured I would save my 12 miles for tomorrow or Sunday and run a leisurely 7 out through the Cathance instead. It was warm and misty, rainy and foggy, leafy and slick, brilliant and beautiful. All colors seem to pop more on overcast days and today was no exception. Yes, a lot of the leaves are down but there are still gorgeous reds and yellows to be found. Makes me feel insanely lucky to be able to get out and experience the woods as the seasons change. Each day is different. And boy has this October been incredible.

Misty river

Leafy trail, like really leafy

Misty Heath

Knock your socks off color

Blueberry bush brilliance

Rain and leaves and river



A side note to say that my watch is driving me batty and will not download my run data from the past two days. The run was glorious, the technology not so much!

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