Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Monday Fun

I started off the holiday with a morning run out in the Cathance. The air was crisp and the sun was bright. A lot of leaves had dropped after Sunday's rain and wind, but there was still plenty of color to be seen in the remaining leaves. Got in a nice 7 miles and even had the chance to chat for a few minutes with Jim G. who was heading back as I was heading down the steps to the ecology center. Always fun to run into a friendly face out there ;)

Ryan headed to work while the rest of us spent the morning working on some of Sam's crafts and getting some grocery shopping done. After lunch, we headed out for a walk around the Heath to enjoy the beautiful day. It was still chilly and quite windy, but the sun was nice and warm and once we got into the woods, we were well protected. The colors were brilliantly vibrant against the blue sky. Autumn is definitely putting on a fine display!

Out exploring

Beautiful leaves


Brilliant colors against the blue sky

Sam, Neenie and Pip

Me and the kiddo

Reflections and fallen leaves



My sweet girl

She stole my phone and took a close-up selfie ;)


Winter berries against the Heath


Mom and Dad took Sam out to sushi for dinner so that Ryan and I could go out by ourselves to celebrate our 17th anniversary. Thanks guys! Marriage sure is hard and it's not all beer and skittles, but it is also most definitely true that there is no one I'd rather have by my side on this crazy ride called life than Ryan. I am a lucky girl! Here's to 17+ more years of adventure, love, laugher and craziness :) Love you, Ryan!

Of course, in typical Danielle and Ryan fashion, the restaurant we wanted to go to was closed for Columbus Day, as were many of the restaurants in town, but we eventually managed to find an open restaurant and enjoy a nice meal together ;)

Who are these young kids?!

Wedding portrait

Along the Androscoggin

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