Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Why? Because the Sky is Beautiful.

This morning after my run I posted "Beautiful sky on view during this morning's run," to which Xar responded, "My answer to "Why do you run?" is always "because the sky is beautiful.""

Why do I run? It tests me, it calms me, it empowers me, it keeps me humble, it keeps me sane. And more than anything, it allows me to spend hours upon hours out in nature, taking in the beauty and the subtlety that is around us. Searching out the red newts on the ground, listening to the woodpeckers pecking in the trees, watching the owl fly silently through the trees, seeing the twisted track of the deer in the dewy grass, and more than anything on my morning runs, enjoying the colorful beauty of the shifting and changing sky as the sun rises. Because the sky is beautiful couldn't be more true of an answer. Thank you, Xar.