Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sam's Race! (And A Run)

Ever since her last race, Sam has been talking about doing another one. I finally found one that fit into the schedule, so this morning we were up early (it's race day!) and over to the Bath Y by 7:45 for the 1-Mile Pumpkin Kid's Fun Run. Of course, Sam has probably never run a mile before, but hey, you gotta start somewhere :) Sam was very excited.

The race was pretty small, maybe 18 kids?, with a few fast older kids taking off at the start and a bunch of the younger kids with parents in the middle. As kids (and many of us) are wont to do, Sam took off at a pretty fast clip and probably made it about a 1/2 mile before we had our first walking break. We repeated the sequence a few times over, but as she was very focused on trying to catch the girl in the princess costume in front of us and not let the older boy behind us catch her, the walking never lasted too long.

In the end, my Garmin measured 0.94 miles and her time was 13:26. This works out to a little over 14:00 minutes a mile. Yes, I wore my Garmin, what can I say? I was curious. I think both Ryan and I fully expected it to take her much closer to 20 minutes for the race, so we were both very impressed. She really did a great job, and it was a lot of fun to run along side her during the race!

Even better, she finished with a big smile on her face, and told us she wanted to do the race again :)

All set and ready to rock the fun run ;)

The start

Nice striding!

The home stretch

All smiles at the finish line!

She was pretty pooped after the run but revived a bit with a yummy breakfast at Mae's. Then it was home to rest up for Finley's birthday party in the afternoon, but not before I got out for run #2 of the day :) I headed over to the Commons as the sun was beginning to shine, and ran out to the ocean along the Coleman Farm trails. The woods and fields were full of the subtle colors of fall, and the 2 ponds in the Commons were busy with many Mallards. The run was fairly uneventful except that I was overdressed, having kept on my running clothes from Sam's race when it was cold out, and thirsty. Otherwise, felt good and was happy to finish up a good three-day stretch of running.

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