Saturday, October 4, 2014

Cathance Day

The morning was filled with swimming and donuts, so I didn't get out for my run until later this afternoon. It was misty and overcast, and I was feeling dreary, but there's not much better than a run to help clear your head space and turn your attitude around. The Cathance was lovely today. Beautiful colors in the trees and along the river bank, plus quiet leaf-littered trails with lots of slippery roots that required the mind to go blank and simply concentrate. Got in a nice mellow 7 miles.

Both Ryan and I had been out running the trails today and agreed that the colors were worth viewing despite the light mist falling, so after a few card games and a snack, we all headed over to the Cathance and took a walk around the Heath. Sam was a bit in slow motion today, but we had a nice, leisurely hour-long walk in the woods together.

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healthyincville said...

SO pretty!! Love the colors!