Friday, July 25, 2014


OK, so running hills in the rain yesterday was totally unappealing, so I rolled over and went back to sleep. Maybe not the most badass thing to do but hey. Which meant that this morning was my last chance to get in my hill "workout" this week. The arm workout was left by the wayside after week #1 but the hills, well, I'm determined to at least keep those :) So off I went. It was nice and cool as I ran up Mt. A. to start the first loop. I decided to forgo the long loop on the first lap and just suck it up and run the short laps up and over the hill. Got in 8 loops and 4.5 miles for the morning. Although I am trying to run the downs and flats quickly, these miles are not fast miles. Sigh. But, two more loops than last week. For a 75 foot hill, Mt. A. sure is doing it's best to make me work!

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