Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Cart Path Run

The next few weeks are going to be interesting, running-wise, simply because of scheduling. I'm not running the Bradbury trail series this summer, so I have conceded Sunday morning to Ryan for running/directing and the afternoon to hanging out with the Trail Monsters. I didn't run yesterday, because, well, I just didn't get up in time :) And since I don't want to be running 5 days in a row right now, I chose to combine two of my 3-mile runs into one 6-mile run this morning. I think at this point, four days of running vs. five is fine, and that is likely how it is going to play out for the next few weeks too. Sometimes that is just how it goes.

I was up and out before 6:00 am this morning, and although the breeze was lovely and it was "only" 70 degrees, boy, was the air heavy! I was soaked in minutes. I ran the cart paths, which is always a nice run in the early morning hours. Saw a pair of Common Yellowthroats, an unidentified hawk and a catbird. Rescued a little eastern newt from the sidewalk, and heard the call of my friend the towhee. Didn't stop to pick any blueberries this morning, as I had already made a bathroom stop and the stop to move the newt, and thought that three stops in a 6 mile run seemed a little much :-) Legs felt good, so I'll continue to keep on chuggin'.

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