Sunday, July 27, 2014

Head of Tides Lollygag

Another beautiful morning with a cool breeze blowing. I headed out onto the trails around 7:45 am, running the shortest route to Head of Tides, which clocks in at just shy of 4 miles. Amazing that it's really that close as it seems so remote when you leave the Cathance trails proper to head across the bridge onto the extension of the trail system. The pace was relatively slow both on the trail and on the dirt road, but I wasn't in a rush, stopping to eat some raspberries in the fields on the way out, and making a brief stop along the powerlines on the way back for some sun-warmed blueberries and the first blackberries of the season. Yum! My legs were a bit creaky at first, but warmed up nicely.

Someone had been out and nicely trimmed back some of the overgrowth in the field before the Ravine Trail; it was much appreciated. The deer flies were present, but not horrible - the breeze and relatively low temps no doubt helped. Still a big muggy though. I was fairly drenched by the time I got home for sure. Got in a mellow 8 miles to finish up the week.

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