Thursday, July 17, 2014

Almost Head of Tides

Another early morning run. Up and out at 4:55 am into the fog. Boy, the woods are dark at 5:00 am on an overcast, foggy morning. I headed up and over Mt. Ararat and then out onto the Heath trail. It's a good thing I know a lot of these trails almost by heart as the roots were slick and it was difficult to navigate in the semi-darkness. I ran through the dank, saturated woods out to the field, where I stopped to pick a few raspberries - yum! Then over the new bridge and out onto the extended Cathance trails toward Head of Tides. I got just about to Cathance Road before turning around and taking the "quick" way back. Definitely not a fast run on these twisty turny trails today, but a fun one! Surprisingly, no animal sightings today. Perhaps it was because I had to focus too much to keep upright :-) 8.75 miles to finish out the week at 30.4 miles. Not planning on any running happening tomorrow through Sunday, although I'm bringing my running gear just in case I'm needed for pacing. Looking forward to the VT adventure!

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