Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sam: Four Year Stats

Legs are back to feeling pretty normal, but I'm still very tired. I guess I'll know for sure how everything is doing once I go out for a run, but I'm still planning to hold out until Sunday. I think by then I'll really be looking forward to a few miles in the woods!


Took Sam in for her 4-year well-child check today. She's weighing in at 30.4 lbs. and is 37.5" tall. In other words, measuring in around the 10th percentile and definitely a munchkin :-) But we knew that, ha!

She was really good all throughout the visit. We were there forever, as the doctor was running late, and they had to redo her hearing test a few times as the doctor didn't like the read-out in one ear. Her tubes are still in but at odd angles and on their way out, and the one in her right ear is still ever so slightly in place in the eardrum, which was messing up the readings. She knew she was getting a flu shot, but didn't know about the other shots she had to get, and as the appointment went on and on, she kept getting more and more agitated with anticipation of the shot hurting. Poor kid. She cried with each of the three shots but did really well. A few minutes later, as we were getting dressed, she sniffed and said, "I'm happier now, Mama," and then told me in the car that hugs and kisses from Mama and Daddy would make her feel even better. Such a sweetheart.

She also told me tonight that when she got to be bigger numbers (ie. older), I couldn't call her munchkin anymore. Growing up too fast! :-)

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Annie said...

so cute..hugs and true they do always help!