Monday, November 25, 2013

Pineland Run

We're loaning Mindy our 2nd carseat so that she'll have it when she picks up her niece at the airport tomorrow. Because I had only worked a half day at Tedford, I had the afternoon free (even if there was some work I should have been doing ;)), and since I knew Mindy was free on Mondays too, I suggested we meet up for a run along with the carseat drop-off. We agreed to meet at Pineland, and I was happy to have the rendezvous scheduled, as I'm not sure I would have gotten out otherwise. It was cold and windy again - brrr! - winter is here! Was also happy to see Xar and Tim pop out of the car with Mindy - always fun to have a catch-up run with those I don't see very often!

Since I was only up for 5 or so miles, we hit Oak Hill. I really do like how that side of the trail system runs. Oh, it's hilly all right, but it's nice running. We set off all four of us together, chatting, catching up, hearing about the Ozarks and school and this and that, but somewhere around Gloucester Hill, Tim and I got ahead. I was surprised that I could run and keep up the pace on all the hills. We had a good time talking away the miles. Once we hit the field, we turned around to pick up Xar and Mindy, who weren't that far behind, and we all headed back to the cars together. They went on for a few more miles but I was happy to hear the Garmin chirp 5 miles and headed back home. It was great to have a chance to run with those guys, and to enjoy a nice Monday afternoon run through the woods on the snow-dusted trails. Saw lots of turkey prints, a few bunny prints, one hawk feather and what looked sort of like feline tracks - perhaps fox? It's always cool to run after a snow and see who else has been out on the trails :-)

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unstrung said...

Great to run with you a bit! Thanks for answering my many questions. :)